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Posted by Anonymous on Monday, July 13, 2009 at 2:02pm.

Can Someone comment on how well i did my my poem please.


No where to go
Nothing to see,
I just want to drive,
Drive away, you and me.

We don’t have to go fast
we can go slow
there is no first or last,
as long as you go.

My future with you
I have nothing to fear,
for you are my one true dear.
Here we go, you and me
Forever at last, together we’ll be.

1. How well does the poem use sound devices, such as rhyme, assonance, and/or alliteration?
2. Comment on how effective the concrete images are. Note whether or not the concrete images are balanced throughout the poem.

3. Comment on whether or not idioms, clichés, and/or dead metaphors are present in the poem.

4. Comment on your sense of the poem’s density.

5. Comment on point of view and its consistency of use.

6. Give your response to the poem as a whole and its effects for you as a reader.

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