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English Comp.

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Please check for error. If there are errors please state them at the end of essay, so that I will know what you change. Thank you!!

Neat vs. Sloppy
Many people will concerned themselves to be a very neat person, but are they really neat or sloppy? Often, people say they are neat, so that they want, be embarrassed by what people think of them. When I contrast my aunt with myself, we are different from each other’s.

To begin with, there are several ways that you can recognize a neat person from a sloppy person. A neat person makes sure that they are groomed well, they are very irritated when something is out of place, they constantly tries to make things as perfect as they can make it, and a neat person enjoy being in a clean environment. Whereas, for a sloppy person, they say that they are going to do something, but then decides not to, they hold on to things that they are not going to use, sloppy people don’t care about anything, and they don’t take time to look nice. Many times, we say things such as he/she is so nasty, he/she looks clean, or I bet his/her house is nasty. All of these are statements that we say when we first see a person because of how he/she acts and dresses.

Second, I am a very neat person. I like everything to be in the place that it belongs so that I want, misplace, or throw away something that is important. For instance, I will take my room for example, every time I clean up my bedroom; I always find something to throw away. I remember, the last time, I had a bag full of garbage that included papers, which I had stored in a box. I noticed that it was needless, so I throw it away. Another reason, I guess I am so neat is because my parents’ always taught me to take care of things, and to keep the house clean because you don’t know when someone might stop by to visit.

Third, my aunt is very different. She is the type that likes to collect junk. One reason is because, when she was small, she watched her father collect other people mess, and I assume that is why she does it. Her house is so cluttered, that it is difficult to find a place to sit. Everywhere you look, there are papers, clothes, or other things piled up, that she should throw away. One time, I volunteered to clean up the unnecessary item that she had collected, but she refused to because she wanted to look through it first. However, she did not look through it, and continued to allow the useless items to pile up.

In conclusion, the different between neat people and sloppy people is that, neat people like to keep things in an orderly manner, and sloppy people allow useless things to pile up. My aunt and I are definitely different because she like to let useless items pile up, and I like to throw it away if I don’t need it anymore.

  • English Comp. -

    will concerned themselves = will consider themselves

    so that they want, be = so they won't be...

    different from each other’s. = different from each other.

    sure that they are groomed = person is singular = sure that he/she is groomed
    Be sure to change all the "they" words to singular OR change people to "Many people, etc....then you can keep they

    they constantly tries = they try

    but then decides not to = but then decide

    The next sentence is so very long. Shorten it by making at least 2 separate sentences.

    statements that we = remove "that" = statements we say

    so that I want, misplace = so that I won't misplace (notice the comma is removed)

    example, every time I clean up my bedroom; I always find = punctuation is bad = example; every time I clean my bedroom, I always

    so I throw it away. = past tense = so I threw it away

    parents' = parents always taught me

    collect other people mess, = collect other people's mess

    unnecessary item = unnecessary items (plural)

    the different between = the difference between (not an adjective but a noun)

    because she like to let = because she likes to let

    There are so many errors that I suggest you do all the corrections and then repost, if you have time, for final correction/proofreading.


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