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A painting measuring 100cm by 55cm is to be framed with a matte border of uniform width surrounding the painting. the combined area of the picture and the matte is 9796cm^2. How wide is the matte border?

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    let x = the width of the border

    The combined area of the picture with the border = (100+x)(55+x)

    (100 + x)(55 + x) = 9796
    5500 + 155x + x^2 = 9796
    -4296 + 155x + x^2 = 0

    Now, use the quadratic equation to find x.
    x = (-b +/- sqrt(b^2 - 4ac))/2a

    With these numbers, I assume a calculator is allowed.

    x = 24, -179

    The width of the border cannot be negative, so x = 24cm.

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