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Posted by John on Saturday, July 11, 2009 at 9:36am.

1. What may you do after school?

2. I may visit my friend at the hospital.

3. I may go to the post office to send a letter.

4.I may play soccer on the playground.

5. I may go Sajik Sports Complex to watch the baseball match.

6. I may go to a supermarket to buy some fruit.

7. I may go to Home plus to buy an electric fan.

8. I may go to Bujeon Market to buy some watermelons.

9. I may go to Yongdusan Park to take a walk with my friends.

10. I may go to the academy to study some subjects.

11.I may go to one of my friend's house to play computer games.

12. I may go to the movies with my close friends.

13. I may go to a comic bookstore to read comic books.

14. I may go to the gym to play basketball with my classmates.

15. I may go to my uncle's to have dinner together.

16. I may go to Seoul by train, for I have to go to a famous hospital there.

(Are the question and the answers are grammatical?)

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