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Posted by B.B. on Wednesday, July 8, 2009 at 7:21pm.

Here is the problem: Identify which of the following situations can be represented by 4 divided by 3/4, and explain your reasoning. A) Sue had 3/4 of a room to paint in 4 hours. How much of the room must she paint each hour to finish on time? B) Kendra has 4 yards of electrical wiring to use in setting up her science fair experiment. She needs to cut it into lengths of 3/4 yard. How many pieces will she be able to make from the 4 yards? C) A rotating video camera in the parking garage goes through 4 complete rotations in 3/4 hour. How many rotations will it make in 1 hour? D) In a local farmers' market, 3/4 of the profits are cycled back into the local farming community. If you spend $4 there, how much of your money goes to local farmers? Here are my answers: A) 4 divided by 3/4=3/16 B) 4 divided by 3/4= 16/3= 5 1/3= 5 pieces. C) 4 divided by 3/4 =1/3 D) 3/4 * 4= 3 Is this correct?

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