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How do I write out the reactants and products for the following chemical equation? How do I write the names of the products? How do I write the net ionic reaction for this double replacement reaction?

barium acetate and potassium phosphate ->

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    Ba(C2H3O2)2 + K3PO4 ==> Ba3(PO4)2 + KC2H3O2
    The products are barium phosphate and potassium acetate.
    The secret words in the question are "double replacement reaction." Note that the Ba of the first compound goes with the PO4 from the second (positive of first goes with negative of the second) while the C2H3O2 of the first goes with the K of the second (negative of the first goes with the positive of the second). I have not balanced the equation. I'll leave that for you.

    To do the net ionic equation, two steps are necessary and I will leave those for you.
    Step 1. Write those compounds that dissolve in water as ions. For example, Ba(C2H3O2)2 will be written as Ba^+2 _ 2C2H3O2^-.
    Compounds that are gases (there are none) or weak electrolytes (there are none) or solids (take a look at the solubility table for Ba3(PO4)2) are written as the compound (not broken up into ions).
    Step 2. Cancel ions that appear on both sides of the equation.
    When you finish, the net ionic equation should be 3Ba^+2(aq) + 2PO4^-3(aq) ==>Ba3(PO4)2(s)

    Here is the site for solubility.

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