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Literature IV

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Ode to the West Wind by P.B. Shelley

The poem “Ode to the West wind” praises nature for its

A. gifts
B. ability to rebirth
C. power to recreate
D. Both B and C.

I chose D.

In “Ode to the West wind,” the speaker wants the wind to:

A. blow all the leaves out of his yard.
B. revive his thoughts and spread his verse.
C. usher in the spring.
D. whip up the sea into a maenad-like frenzy.

I chose B.

When I Have Fears by John Keats

According to the poem “When I Have Fears,” life and love are similar because they both:

A. offer the good and the bad.
B. are short and painful.
C. are temporary and no one knows when they will end.

I think it's C, but could it be D?

  • Literature IV -

    Your first two are correct.

    I also agree with your third answer -- it must be C.

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