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i had to write this paper can I don't if it make sense or have spelling and grammar errors can someone look at it for me please and check my paper please

Test your Native I.Q.
Click on the link at the bottom of this assignment. After reading the material , write a 2-3 page paper (double spaced) answering each of the following questions:
1. How many test items did you get correct?
2. Were you surprised by any of the information you read?
3. Was genocide committed against Native Americans?
4. Should Columbus Day be celebrated in the U.S.? Why or why not?
5. Should Indian team mascots be allowed? Why or why not?
6. Why are stereotypes and prejudice toward Native people so common?
7. If you are non-Native and live on land formerly occupied by Native people, are you an accomplice to theft? A beneficiary?
8. If you are non-Native and have ignored injustice toward Native people, is this a form of prejudice?

Did you already know how many slaves the presidents held?
No, I didn’t know how many slaves that the presidents held and I was surprise when I seen the results for the presidents on how many slaves they held hostage. “George Washington, for example, shipped a slave to the West Indies in exchange for molasses and rum, ordering that the slave be handcuffed to prevent escape. Washington also required fieldwork of slave children starting around age 11, and he employed slave catchers to retrieve runaways. Thomas Jefferson hired slave overseers who were cruel even by the standards of the day. For example, between 1801 and 1805 Jefferson employed Gabriel Lilly, who once whipped a 17-year-old slave three times in one day despite the slave being too ill to raise "his hand to his Head." Jefferson also had a runaway slave brought back in irons and "severely flogged in the presence of his old companions.” “Andrew Jackson instructed his overseer that "subordination must be obtained first, and then good treatment." This order of priorities was reflected after a family maid misbehaved and Jackson told his overseer to "take her to the public whipping post and give her fifty lashes" at the first sign of future disobedience. The maid's misdeed was that she did laundry for someone outside the Jackson family”.
Were you surprised by any of the information you read?
Yes, I was very surprised about the information that I read on each president. How couldn’t presidents do this to other people? “James Polk was the last president to whip and beat his slaves. In one instance, Polk's overseer, Ephraim Beanland, administered 100 lashes to one slave and 200 to another, in the latter case rubbing salt in the wounds four or five times. Soon after this episode, a slave named Elizabeth killed her newborn baby, presumably to protect it from a life of misery. (According to Polk's brother-in-law, Silas Caldwell, "She smothered it somehow. No person knew it was dead until this morning. It was a very fine child.")” How could they do this to people do they have any feeling for these people. I guess they don’t because if it is not their family who cares who they hurt as long as this is not a remember of their family that are very happy. Why isn't this information more widely known and taught? I don’t know why this information is not widely known and taught but people do need to know how they presidents held and whip slaves. Someone needs to let the world know everything about these presidents.
How does prejudice influence the historical record?
I don’t know why prejudice influences the historical record.
Is it fair to judge presidents who lived a long time ago?
I don’t think it is fair to judge presidents who lived a long time ago but if presidents did anything wrong a long time ago, people stills need to know what they did so they can have a better understanding of things.
Does the slave record of U.S. presidents matter today?
Yes, the slave record of U.S. presidents’ matter today because people don’t know what these presidents did to slaves long time ago and if I had family member that was a slave I would like to know the record myself too.
Should Andrew Jackson be removed from the $20 bill? Why?
Yes, Andrew Jackson needs to be removed from the $20 bill because of the following reason: There are several reasons for replacing Andrew Jackson:
1. Jackson was both a slave trader and a slaveholder.
2. Jackson was a White supremacist. For example, in his Fifth Annual Message to Congress, he referred to Whites as "a superior race," and he described American Indians as lacking “the intelligence, the industry, the moral habits, [and] the desire of improvement which are essential to any favorable change in their condition."
3. Jackson opposed paper currency. In 1842, he wrote: "Every one who knows me must be aware of my universal hostility against all government paper currency. The old continental currency was sufficient to convince me that a greater curse could not visit a nation than a paper currency."
4. Jackson has been on the $20 bill since 1929 and is widely commemorated elsewhere.
One of the highest honors a country can bestow is to commemorate an individual on its currency. As the graph below shows, most denominations of U.S. currency honor a slaveholder, including Benjamin Franklin and several presidents. Indeed, all three of the largest slaveholding presidents are commemorated on U.S. currency, despite their records of whipping, chaining, and selling slaves: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Andrew Jackson. To learn the identity of each person who appears on a U.S. coin or bill, place your mouse over the green bars in the chart below.
Do you favor U.S. government reparations for slavery? Why?
No, I do nor favor U.S. government reparations for slavery because what they did to slaves.

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