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chem 2

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I just need help setting up this equation.
NH3 is titrated with HCL.
Does this mean the reaction is this?
NH3 + HCL --> NH4 + CL-


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    This is a much more complicated question that appears on the surface.
    Partly yes because the NH4Cl salt that is formed ionizes to NH4^+ + Cl^- in the water solution but the net ionic equation is H3O^+ + OH^- ==> 2H2O Or you can look at it in a little different way.
    NH3 + H2O ==> NH4^+ + OH^-
    HCl + H2O ==> Cl^- + H3O^+

    As the H3O^+ reacts with OH^- to produce H2O, the equilibrium shifts in the direction of the H2O formation, which forces more and more of the NH3 to ionize to NH4^ + OH^-. Essentially, then, we don't have NH3 but NH4^+ + OH^- until all of the OH^- is used to form H2O. If this answer is not sufficient, I suspect you haven't typed all of the problem/question; therefore, please repost all of it and I'll try to take care of the complete problem.

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