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a. Identify each statement as an observation, hypothesis, or prediction.
b. Are the groups of statements below examples of an inductive or deductive process.

1. Male red -winged blackbirds display red wing patches to signal superior to other males. Answer: Hypothesis/deductive

2. Bees make honey. Answer: Observation/inductive

3. Male red-winged blackbirds compete for territories. Answer: Observation/inductive

4. Bees eat honey when no other food (nectar) is available. Answer: Prediction/deductive

5. A wound is infected. Answer: Observation/inductive

6. Infection is caused by bacteria. Answer: Hypothesis/deductive

7. A male red-winged blackbird displays his red wing patches whenever other males enter its territory. Answer: Hypothesis/deductive

8. Honey is the food store for the bee hive. Answer: Observation/inductive

9. Keeping a wound clean of bacteria prevents infection. Answer: Prediction/deductive

* please let me no if the answers to these questions are correct. I already went to the link that Ms Sue posted but i'm still unsure of my answers.*

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