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Okay So I have this question here and you have to pick the false statement. Now I believe its a or e. But I really can't decide which it is. I might be totally wrong about this which is why I need some help... please!

These are the options:

a. the bond length is the the internuclear distance.
b. the covalent bond is a region of high electron charge density between two atoms.
c. Hybrid orbitals are combination of atomic orbitals.
d. there are the same number of hybrid orbitals produced as the number of atomic orbiatals combined.

and finally

e. an sp sp hybridization produces a tetrahedral center in a molecule. The bond length is the internuclear distance.

any help would be appreciated. Please and Thanks!!!

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    For a, the atoms are vibrating so that the internuclear distance is changing but we GENERALLY call this the internuclear distance; therefore, I think a is true.
    b. and c. definitely are true.
    d. is true. sp produces two orbitals, sp2 produces 3 and sp3 produces 4 while d2sp3 produces 6.
    e. is false. sp3 hybridization produces tetrahedral molecules. sp hybridization produces linear molecules.

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