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Review the following statements and identify each statement as an observation, hypothesis or prediction.
1. Male red-winged blackbirds display red wing patches to signal superiority to other males.

2. Bees make honey.

3. Male red winged blackbirds compete for territories.

4. Bees eat honey when no other food (nectar) is available.

5. A wound is infected.

6. Infection is caused by bacteria.

7. A mail red winged blackbird displays his red wing patches whenever other males enter its territory.

8. Honey is the food store for the bee hive.

9. Keeping a wound clean of bacteria prevents infection.

  • Biology -

    1. hypothesis
    2. observation

    I'm sure you can complete this assignment now.

  • Biology -

    2. observation
    3. observation
    4. prediction
    5. observation
    6. hypothesis
    7. hypothesis
    8. observation
    9. prediction

  • Biology -

    are my responses correct

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