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Homework Help: Julius Caesar

Posted by y912f on Thursday, July 2, 2009 at 11:35am.

1. Cassius's character can best be described as
a. noble
b. idealistic
c. cunning
d. honest


2. Caesar diregards the omens for all the following reasons except
a. he does not trust the augurers.
b. he does not want to appear cowardly
c. he feels fate is inescapable
d. he feels invincible


3. Shakespeare uses Calphurnia to build suspense about what will happen in all of the following ways except
a. urging Caesar not to go to the Senate.
b. recounting all the disturbing omens.
c. suggesting that Caesar pretend he is ill.
d. relating that she dreamt Caesar was assasinated.


4. In his treatment of Cassius, Brutus is characterized as
a. arrogant and condescending
b. cynical and punishing
c. carefree and fun-loving
d. righteous but forgiving


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