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Homework Help: antigone

Posted by y912f on Thursday, July 2, 2009 at 11:01am.

In Ode 2 to what does the Chorus compare Antigone?
a. a cresting wave
b. a soaring bird
c. a glowing ember
d. a closed flower


The Chorus in Ode 3 comments on the
a. power of love
b. duty of sons to their fathers
c. relationship of Haimon and Antigone
d. effect of Creon's inflexibility


In the last few lines of Ode 4, the Chorus place responsibility for Antigone's death on
a. Niobe
b. Creon
c. the family curse
d. Antigone herself


Which of the following events did not take place?
a. Teiresias blames Creon for causing his birds to behave strangely
b. After Creon fails to save Antigone, he buries Polyneices
c. In the Paen, the Chorus implores Dionysos to head Thebes
d. The messenger announces Haimon's suicide


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