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Posted by y912f on Wednesday, July 1, 2009 at 9:10pm.

here are some questions i had to answer for the story "The Other Wife" by Colette (translated by Margaret Crosland)
[[it starts with 'for two?' and ends with 'superior women']]

please check them all

1. marc seguy insists on sitting in the crowded area of the dining room because
a. he dislikes the views of the water
b. there are no tables by the bay window
c. alice, his new wife, wants to site there
d. he wants to avoid his ex-wife


2. which of the following statements BEST describes the relationship between Marc and Alic Seguy?
a. she lets him make all the decisions
b. he lets her make all the decisions
c. they discuss the matter and arrive at a mutual decision
d. they quarrel constantly and cannot reach a decision

ok. so first i though C sounds the best. but then i thought..it says that HE picked the table they sat on. also, HE ordered the food. she just said 'whatever he likes' so now i'm thinking should it be A?

3. while dining, Alice sometimes laughs too loundly, and Marc careflully watches his posture. this behavior is meant to impress
a. each other
b. the mautre d'hotel
c. marc's ex wife
d. no one


4. Which of the following statements BEST describes the change that occurs in Alic during the story?
a. she realizes what a wonderful husband Marc is
b. she understands why marc could not please his first wfe
c. she realizes for the first time how good-looking marc is
d. she wonders if there is osmethinmg lackin in marc


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