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math-rational equations

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how do I solve 5/x-3+3/x+3=7x/x^2-9
please explain in detail, I am having trouble once I get to the part where I need to simplify. I have so far the LCD is x^2-9
then the equation changes to (x^2-9) 5/x-3+(x^2-9) 3/x+3=(x^2-9) 7x/x^2-9
or (x+3)*5(x-3)*3=7x after this I'm stuck. Thank you in advance.

  • math-rational equations -

    multiply both sides by (x^2-9) which is (x+3)(x-3)

    5 (x+3)(x-3)/(x-3) +3 (x+3)(x-3)/(x+3) = 7x

    5(x+3) + 3(x-3) = 7x
    Now that is
    5x+15+3x-9 =7x
    8x+6 = 7x

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