March 25, 2017

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Given that g(x)= 2x+1/5 and f(x)=x+4

Calculate the value of g(-2)
2(-2)+1/5= -3/5
Is this right??

How do i write an expression for gf(x) in the simpliest form??

And how do i find inverse functions such as g`1(x)?

  • math (reiny) got an ans but would like work it pl - ,

    No. -4+1/5= -3 4/5=-3.8 or -19/5

    Unless g(x)=(2x+1)/5 which in case then you would be right.

  • math (reiny) got an ans but would like work it pl - ,

    I noticed that Marth already gave you an answer correctly following the order of operation the way you typed it.

    You followed the same order in finding g(-2) but made an arithmetic error.

    g(-2) = 2(-2) + 1/5
    = -4 + 1/5
    = -19/5

    Perhaps you meant
    g(x) = (2x+1)/5

    If so, follow Marth's steps using the corrected function for both g(f(x)) and the inverse of g(x)

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