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Creative writing

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Yes I think I fulfills this assignment

How is everything going now with my assignment. I think that I am on the right track

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Shelter --

Shelter is something that helps protect people from the elements.

Everyone needs some kind of shelter.

It is very important.

It protects us from many things.

Most importantly because of the weather.

Everyone needs a place to stay.

Shelter can be from a tent in the woods to a 7 bedroom mansion.

Shelters can be natural such as caves.

Shelter can provides temporary housing for homeless people.

The living organism is usually animal and usually man.

The most common natural environmental factor is the weather, and the shelter is normally used to protect against cold.

Almost as equal is protection against other hostile animals.

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    Already answered.

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    Here's your original assignment:

    "Choose one of the following categories: shelter, clothing, food, transportation, or culture.

    Begin with a broad statement about the category.

    Next, narrow down the category.

    Then, keep narrowing down the category to reach an image that is concrete and detailed by the end of the description."

    You have not fulfilled this assignment. You haven't narrowed the category from shelter to details about a specific shelter. I gave you an example -- shelter to manmade shelter to apartment building to my apartment. I went from the broad category of shelter to a specific apartment with some details.

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    what do you mean already answered. Someone was me if fulfills the answer and I said Yes, I think I fulfills the assignment and I was wondering if I did fulfills the assignment.

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    Okay I think that I understand now.

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