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1. This style fits him nicely.
2. This style fits in him nicely.
3. This style becomes him nicely.
4. This style is suitable for him
5. This style looks good on him.

(Are they all grammatical and the same?)

6. She is not allowed out after dark.
(What is the part of speech of 'out'? Can we use 'darkness' instead of 'dark'?)

7. Practice makes perfect.
(Subject + Intransitive Verb + Adjective ....Is this analysis correct?)

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    I-5 Sentences 2 and 4 are not correct. The others are correct and the same in meaning.

    6. Out is an adverb describing "is allowed". It tells where. Nope, darkness would not work there.

    7. Practice = subject, makes is a transitive verb... practice is doing something to something else... perfect is short for perfection.. So "perfect" is the direct object.

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