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1 kg block of ice at 0 degrees celsius placed in cooler. How much heat will the ice remove as it melts to water at 0 degree celsius. I know the answer is 80kcal but don't know the math that backs up the answer-please help!

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    Q = mHf

    where Q is the transfer of thermal energy, m is the mass of the ice, and Hf is the specific heat of fusion for melting/freezing.

    Hf = 333kJ/kg
    m = 1kg

    Q = mHf
    Q = 1kg*333kJ/kg
    Q = 333kJ

    1 Joule = 0.239cal

    Therefore, multiply 333kJ *0.239kcal/kJ = 79.5kcal. Significant digits forces it to 80kcal.

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    it is right, but why not work it in cal from the start. The heat of fusion for ice is 80kcal/kg ?


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