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These are 2 problems that I'm stuck on; I know the answers to them but I just don't know how to find that answer. Can someone please help?

1. The probability that the Lions football team will win the next game is 0.6. What are the odds that it'll win?
Ans- Odds in favor of the team are 3 to 2

2.Two game cubes are rolled. Find the odds against obtaining the number 7.
Ans- Odds against obtaining the sum of 7 are 5 to 1.


  • Pre-Algebra -

    1. the probability is the good divided by the total; the odds are the good divided by the bad.

    if the good is 0.6, the bad is (1-0.6)=0.4. 0.6/0.4 = 3/2

    2. Find the total number of possibilities. Each die has 6 sides, so the total is 6*6 = 36.

    Now, find the number of ways you can get 7. 1+6, 2+5, 3+4, 4+3, 5+2, 6+1. 6 ways.

    Find the bad: 36-6 = 30.

    If you're finding odds against, divide the bad by the good: 30/6 = 5/1

  • Pre-Algebra -

    If the probability is .6, that is 6/10 or 3/5 which means it should win 3 of five games, and lose 2 games. Odds win:lose are 3:2

    On the second: how many ways can you get seven? (6,1, 1,6, 3,4, 4,3 , 2,5; 5,2m ) or six ways out of 36 ways to throw the dice. There are six ways to get seven, 30 ways to not get it. That is five to one for not getting it.

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