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many of the reform movemnets were marked by attempts of minority groups to gain their rights to full enjoyment of the rights of all citizens. show how this statement is confirmed by describing two different groups and their struggle for equality.

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Latino--Latinos ahve been denied equal opportunities in many aspects of life, inluding employment, education, and housing. in 1960, they began to aorganize against discrimination in education, jobs, and the legl system, leading to the Chicano movement. mexican american students walked out of high school to protest their unequal treatment. new political groups formed to support latino interests.

asian americans-- americans of chinese and japanese ancestry have faced racial discrimination. prejudice against japanese americans reached a peak during WWII. a major issue for japanese americanas was compensation for the losses they had suffered during their wartime internmnet. they were forced to relocate to internment camps. WWII--was a major reason for discrimination vs japanese, but also branched to other asian groups. many people viewed these groups as being affiliated with the attacks on pearl harbor.

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    Looks good.

    It's interesting that Asian-Americans are now stereotyped as being hard-working top students. Many are, but the stereotype doesn't fit everyone.

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    You answer is okay, if you ignore the frequent typos and problems with capitalization. These need to be corrected before you turn in your response.

    "vs" is not correctly used. See dictionary.

    Where did Mexican American students walk out of high school? It wasn't all schools, was it? "Some Mexican American students..." can adequately qualify this statement.

    "Compensation" sentence needs to be at the end of the paragraph, since it is last in chronological order of events.

    I hope this helps a little more. Thanks for asking.

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