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I need some help on calculating my current high school GPA.

So far, I've completed 8 classes per year (I'm a sophomore, soon to be junior), making that 16 classes total. I also took two middle school classes that count for high school credit. Here's the rest of the stats:

Of the 16 classes in high school:
7 classes were Honors
1 class was AP
the remaining 8 were regular/elective classes.

Of the middle school classes:
1 of them was an Honors class, worth .075 credits per semester
The other was only one semester, worth .5 credits, and regular.

I also took a summer class worth .5 credits. It was counted as regular.

Let me know if there's anything I need to specify. Thank you very much! :)

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    What grades did you earn in each of these classes?

    You should contact your school to find your official GPA.

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    What weight did the school place on your high school Honors and AP classes? In other words, how many credits are each one worth?

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    oops. forgot about that.

    i got all A's in all of the classes for both semesters, and including the summer class.

    also, i believe my school weighs all the classes the same...i think it's .5 credits per semester.

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    i checked one of my recent transcripts, and they all turned out to be .5, by the way. i'm not entirely sure if this is correct, since Honors/AP should be weighed a little more than regular classes.

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    You need to get your parents to visit the school and get this straight. All should be laid out about the rules in your student handbook. However, this is for your parents to resolve, you need to stay out of this.

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