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ok heres my question,

nitrogylcerin decomposes:

4c3h4(no5)3 --->12co2(g) +10h20(g)+6n2(g)+02(g)

whats is the max pressure that a 10.0L container will be able to withstand if 5.00 Nitroglycerin decomposes at temp of 1250c

mm of nitroglycerin =227 g/m

i got 2.00atm

b) what are the partial pressures


can u show me the method to do the total pressure. The rest i can do myself

thanks again

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    See the formula for nitroglycerin here.
    Which formula is correct?

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    the formula is given

    4c3h4(no5)3 --->12co2(g) +10h20(g)+6n2(g)+02(g)

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    Your equation isn't balanced. 16 H on the left (and you should try to capitalize those letters that need it) and I see 20 on the right. 60 O on the left and 36 on the right.

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    it was given so we don't have to. I think the teacher is just trying to show us how to use the mole ratios to get partial pressures

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    here this might help

    4 C3H5(NO3)3(l) → 12 CO2(g) + 10 H2O(g) + 6 N2(g) + O2(g)

    I must have copied it wrong into the browser.


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