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A racecar driver in an 825-kg car accelerates from rest to a velocity of 21.5 m/s in 0.55 s. What is the net force acting on the car?

I found out using A=v/t that the horizontal acceleration is 39.1 m/s^2. My problem now is this...

Is the net force just F=ma? Or do I have to take account for gravity and somehow find the vector sum???

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    Force=ma= m * 21.5/.55 Newtons

    Yes, in the horizontal, this is it, gravity is in the vertical. We ignored friction in this, in the real world friction (caused partially by gravity) would have to be added.

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    Ok, so finding Fnet is as simple as F=ma? Thanks!

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    wwhat is the kinetic energy of a 1500kg car with a velocity of 72km/r B.... how much work must be done on ths car to bring it to a complete stop

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