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Would someone check this please?

A circular loop of wire of radius 0.10 m and of resistance 2.0 x 10^−3 ohms is in a region where there is a uniform magnetic field B.

The field is at 30deg to the normal to the plane of the wire loop as shown in Figure 3. The magnitude of the
magnetic field falls at a steady rate from 6.0 x 10^−2 T to zero in 2.0 seconds.
What is the value of the current flowing round the wire loop while the field is decreasing?

I get 0.8A

  • Physics -

    I = (induced emf)/R

    Induced emf = (area)(dB/dt)* cos 30
    dB/dt = 0.03 T/s
    Area = (pi/4)R^2 = 7.85*10^-3 m^2

    I do not agree with your answer

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