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1. My voice is deeper than before.
(What is the opposite of 'deeper' in this sentence?)

2. The docote said I am in good health.
3. The docor said I was in good health.

(Are both OK? What is the difference between them?)

4. All of them can run faster than I.
5. I am the slowest of the three
6. I am slower than Mr. Pitt.
7. Bob is fatter than I.
7-1. Mr. Pitt is the taller of the two.
(Are the expressions all correct?)

8. The following content is about Tom. Ask and answer what your partner does or your partner doesn't do compared with Tom's.

9. The following is about Tom's activities. Ask and answer your partner's activities. First you should mention Tom's activities. Then ask your partner's activities.

(Ae both passage grammatical?)

  • English -

    deeper = higher voice
    2. The docote = doctor (typo)
    3. The docor = doctor

    The difference? I am = now, at present
    I was = in the past!


  • English -

    4 - 7.1 are all correct.

    8. "...compared with Tom's." Tom's = in possessive form. What does Tom own or have? Actually, I think that if you simply remove the 's, the sentence will be just fine.

    9. All look OK except the last sentence. It should read, "Then ask about your partner's activities."

  • English -

    "Ask and answer...." is unclear. Is the same person doing both the asking and answering? Is Tom the partner?

    Without knowing the context, this is not clear.

    I hope this helps a little more. Thanks for asking.

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