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Posted by John on Wednesday, June 17, 2009 at 10:22am.

1. I got up early getting ready for the game.

2. I got up early while I was getting ready for the game.

(Is #1 grammatical? Does #2 mean #1?)

3. I helped my friends with teaching them math.

(What about this one? Is this also grammatical?)

4. Eating vegetables is good for you.
5. Eating vegetables and eating fruit are good for you.

(Do we have to use 'is' or 'are'?)

6. I'm sorry that I am late.
7. I'm sorry for being late.

8. I'm sorry that he is late.
9. I'm sorry for his being late.

10. I'm sorry that he was late.
11. I'm sorry for his having been late.

(Is each pair the same and grammatical?)

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