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I'm given a spring that has a mass of 100 g and a constant of 22 N/m with an A of 5 cm

I belive the A is amplitude
and I'm asked for the Total Energy which i don't know how to do

the max velocity also have no idea how to do

and the max force which i don't know how to do

Damon told me this

m = 100 grams = .1 kg
k = 22 N/m
A = 5 cm = .05 m
y = .05 sin w t
w = sqrt (k/m)
you could solve for w
then maximum stretch = .05 m and velocity is zero there so
Maximum potential energy = maximum energy = (1/2) k .05^2 (This is because the kinetic energy and velocity are zero when the spring is stretched maximum)
Max force = k A
to get maximum velocity
(1/2) m v^2 = max kinetic energy = max total energy = max potential energy which we know

Does this mean that maximum energy is


just making sure here

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    also what does solving for W do??

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    also what is the max potential energy???

    I don't know how to solve for max velocity

    unless I can solve for total energy

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