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Posted by Yana on Wednesday, June 17, 2009 at 12:56am.

Hello, please proof read this analytical report. I would also like to know what else I could consider in it. Thanks.

Workplace Safety Analytical Report.
Every year more then 15, 000 young people get injured at workplace (stated by Learning to Work Safely by Rosemarie Bahrn). This paper discusses how it is critically important that the people instead of ignoring workplace safety courses must take the opportunity to learn workplace safety rules, their rights as an employee and be aware of the places that can provide them with this type of training. Employers should also demand on having this training program before any employee gets hired to prevent future injuries.
Programs for your successful injury-free future
Young people, who are ready to step in into grown-up world of work, have no idea on how dangerous it can be. There are few programs designed for people to recognize the danger of working with hazardous materials, equipment that might hurt someone. Some main organizations that should be recognized if planning to work are Young Worker Awareness Program for Health and Safety and Industrial Accident Prevention Association. At a minimum, such programs address the immediate needs of injured or ill employees by providing first aid and response to emergencies. It is a very sad outcome when young people ignore the importance of workplace safety and their rights and get injured or even die. Preventing any injuries or knowing the rights of an employee is a protection that a person should have while working. Young-adults should very much consider and make this program their first priority before going into working. Programs sponsors hope that employers will give preference in hiring young people who have taken the courses (Learning to Work Safely, by Rosemary Bahr).
The most common injuries
It is very important to know the most common injuries in a work field that someone is working in. While being aware of which injuries occur the most, person can easily protect themselves with a protective gear. The chart below shows that the most common injuries in 2003 were strains and sprains. By knowing that employers and employees can easily prevent them by keeping a record of the most common injuries in their workplace. Complete and accurate records can be used to identify hazards, measure safety performance and improvement, and through analyses, help identify patterns.
Don’t be scared to ask questions and refuse
In his teachings Neil Davis used an example of a woman who pours a chemical from a large drum into smaller ones, and when he approached her, she had no idea what type of chemicals she was dealing with. When Davis asked her how she could do the job, she simply replied “If it had been dangerous, he wouldn’t have asked me to do it.” This proves his point that young people tend to trust people, like their parents, teachers and employers. However, the employer doesn’t have the “stake in person’s life.” Therefore, an employee should never be scared about asking what he/she has to handle. On the chart below, there are some common hazardous signs that should become very familiar to a young worker. If by any chance, an employer refuses to tell an employee what type of chemicals they must handle, a young worker has all the rights to refuse work if they think it is unsafe. Therefore, knowing your rights as an employee is very important.

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