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English Proofread Due before 12

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Teachers Role

Teachers are very important to society. One reason they are so important, is that they educate our children, and make sure that they learn the thing they need to. Teachers either have a positive or negative influence on our children. Teachers also are another parent to our children because they spend a lot of time trying to teach and discipline them.
Next, teachers must love their job, and be willing to help the students in whatever way he/she can. Students can sense, who really care about their education, and who is just there for a pay check. Teachers must create a warm and secure environment, but at the same time teach the student. They should get to know their students, so that they can feel free to ask them questions.
Third, teachers need to realize that all students do not learn at the same pace, nor do they have the same background history. Some students only have to see or hear something one time, whereas others have to see or hear it twice. They must also show a positive attitude in order for the students to have a positive attitude. Teachers should say sweet things to the students when they have done something well.
In addition, I remember when I was in junior high, how loving my teacher Mrs. Emerson was. She would always have it clean and comfortable, when we entered her room. Mrs. Emerson was very tall, stocky, and had blonde hair. She made sure that we were treated with respect, and that we showed her respect. I also remember sitting in front of her desk, looking into her glossy brown eyes. She always had an encouraging word to tell us.
Finally, teachers are very important to society. They teaches or children how to be successful in life. Teachers should also make sure that their students can come and talk to them, when they need to. And that they are a big role model in their life.


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