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Homework Help: Project Management

Posted by Courtney on Tuesday, June 16, 2009 at 8:43pm.

Crew Size: 2

Components, timing and sequencing - all times are in weeks:

Components Time to Deliver Assembly Time Assembly Sequence
Canopy 2 1 To fuselage after instruments
Spinner 1 1 To engine after propeller
Rudder 3 1 To fuselage after stabilizer
Undercarriage 5 1 To fuselage before engine
Fuselage 8 12 Anytime
Stabilizer 3 1 To fuselage after wings
Engine 12 5 To fuselage
Propeller 10 1 To engine
Instruments 9 6 To fuselage
Wings 8 16 To fuselage
4 1 To fuselage after engine

Use the Activity on the Arrow technique to diagram this project.

Mark the critical path.

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