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Homework Help: AP Physics

Posted by AP Physics on Tuesday, June 16, 2009 at 7:28pm.


given that I person 65 kg takes 4.5 s to climb a flight of stairs that is 5.5 m

my question is well I was asked to solve for the work and


and in this case f is equal to the normal force correct? Just take the opposite of mg???????

Also I'm asked to solve for PE and sense PE also equal mgh...
is PE the same as work in this situation????

a similar problem a person is running forwards on a flat surface or 5 m long with a mass of 65 kg and takes 1.75 s starting from rest

I'm asked to solve for the work done

sense F=ma
how do I find the acceleration???

My last question

I'm given a spring that has a mass of 100 g and a constant of 22 N/m with an A of 5 cm

I belive the A is amplitude
and I'm asked for the Total Energy which i don't know how to do

the max velocity also have no idea how to do

and the max force which i don't know how to do


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