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Homework Help: AP Physics

Posted by AP Physics on Saturday, June 13, 2009 at 7:48pm.

Hello I was trying to find the proof of the formula

x = x0 + v0t +.5at^2

were the zeros are subscripts

My text book dosen't explain it that well.

ok well

it involves the formula for
average velocity

aver velocity = 2^-1(v0 + v)

were the zero is a subscript and this is just because if there is constant acceleration than the velocity average is between the inital and final I understand this

ok it also involves using this formula

x = x0 + average velocity(t)

which I understand the proof of how to get this formula were the zero is a subscript

ok so in my book it shwos the proof like so

x = x0 + average velocity(t)

were the zero is a subscript
then you plug in that other formula and get this

x = x0 + (2^-1(v0 +v))t

were the zeros are subscripts

ok this is were I get lost
then next step in my text book shows this

x = x0 + (2^-1(v0 + v0 at))t

were zeros are subscripts

ok were did the extra v0 come from?
were did the at come from?

then of course the next line

x = x0 + v0t + .5at^2

I was hopeing somebody could explain to me this proof


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