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Posted by John on Saturday, June 13, 2009 at 3:16am.

1. It was missing a piece.
(It refers to 'the circle' One piece was felling from the circle. In this situation, what is the meaning of Sentence 1? Was the piece in the process of falling away from the circle?)

2. You should not make a fire in the mountains.

3. You should not pitch a tent near a river. Especially, when it is rainy, it's dangerous to pitch a tent near a river.

4. You should keep the safty rules.

5. You should buy firewood from a store and take it to the camp.

6. You should not leave food on the table outside, for animals may eat it.

7. You should be careful when you chop the firewood. It may hurt you.

8. You should not build a fire near a tent.

9. You should not wear shorts, for a snake might bite your leg.

10. You should not run when there are lots of branches, for you may hurt your eyes.

11. When you make a tent with tools, you should be very careful.

12. You should not let children swim in the river by themselves.

(Are the expressions all right? Would youi check them? Thank you.)

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