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Posted by Redbone on Wednesday, June 10, 2009 at 10:21pm.

After running various advertisements, you have received the statistics from each advertising outlet. A total of 800 ads were run. The following lists the breakdown of each:

380 ads were run over the radio.
240 ads were run in the newspaper.
300 ads appeared on the Internet.
185 ran both on radio and on the Internet.
145 ran on the radio and newspaper.
225 ran in the newspaper and on the Internet.
145 ran on all 3 media outlets.
Write a memo to your boss that displays the data graphically in a Venn diagram. Also, describe example scenarios listed below by first constructing them in set notation (use the addition principle to show the union values) and then give the actual values.

Ads that were run either on the radio or in the newspaper
Ads that were not run on the radio
Ads that were run on the radio and the Internet but not in the newspaper
Ads that were not run on any of the three media outlets
Ads that were not run on the radio but were run in the newspaper

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