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A movie theater recorded the number of tickets sold daily for a popular movie during the month of June. A box-and-whisker plot represents the number of tickets sold.

1st quartile-300
3rd quartile-600

Which conclusion can be made using this plot?

a. the second quartile is 600.

b. the mean of the attendance is 400.

c. the range of the attendance is 300 to 600.

d. twenty-five percent of the attendance is between 300 and 400.

The answer is d., but I don't know why

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    First of all, some of your information is reversed. The maximum (most) = 100 and the minimum (least) = 8.

    Also, if the 3rd quartile is 600, the maximum must be greater than 600. Does the maximum = 1000? Especially with math problems, you need to be more accurate in providing your information.

    Each quartile is 25% (one quarter) of the scores. The median is the second quartile (50%).

    I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

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