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Homework Help: spanish/english

Posted by y912f on Wednesday, June 10, 2009 at 12:51pm.

You work for a tourist office in your city and have been asked to write a brief description in Spanish for visitors. in your description, include information such as:
1. the various kinds of lodging available
2. what each type of lodging offers its guests
3. what services your city offers for travelers
4. which sights the toursists might want to visit
5. some suggestions to the tourists on how best to enjoy the city

i need help to start writing this in english
these are the words i learned in spanish which i can use:
discuss environment:
el medio ambiente - environment
el océano
el rio

discuss travel arrangements:
el boleta (de ida y vuelta) - (round trip) ticket
la escala- stopover
el retraso-delay
con destino a - going to
procedente a - arriving from

discuss tourist accomodations and activities:
el pueblo- town
la pensión-inexpensive lodging
la naturaleza - nature
disfrutar de - to enjoy
incluir-to include
planea - to plan
regatear - to bargain
ir:ve; no vayas - Go!, don't Go!
el guia - guide
oficina de turismo - tourist office

can someone please help me get started in english, then i'll try to do it in spanish. thanks

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