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1. I think I can fit in you.
2. I think I can fit you.
(Are both the same? In #1, 'fit' is an intransitive verb. And in #2, 'fit' is a transitive verb. Right? Do you have some more expressions which could be used instead of 'fit' in each sentence?)

3. It set the piece down gently.
4. It put the piece down gently.

(Are both the same in meaning?)

5. His uncle laughed and said,"Don't worry about that."

6. His uncel laughed, saying, "Don't worry about that."

(Are both the same? In #5, Did his uncle laughed and then his uncle said? Or did his uncle both laughted and said at the same time?)

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    #1 is not good because of "in." You could substitute "accomodate."

    #3 and #4 are synonyms but why "It" as the subject?

    #6 check the spelling "uncel" for uncle.

    #6 He did both at the same time but in #5 he laughed first.


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