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the views of President Hoover and President Roosevelt on the best ways to solve the problems of the depression. Describe some actions they took to back up these views.

President Hoover blamed the Great Depression on “world-wide economic conditions beyond our control”—not on problems in the United States economy. Hoover and his officials insisted that conditions would improve soon. He believed that voluntary controls by U.S. business were the best way to end the economic crisis. He was against drastic measures.
FDR was in favor of drastic measures. He promised people a New Deal and that became his program of relief, recovery, and reform aimed at combating problems caused by the Depression. Through the first hundred days FDR pushed program after program through Congress to provide relief, create jobs, and stimulate economic recovery. His first step was to restore public confidence in the nation’s bank, so he ordered all banks to close for 4 hours. He then pushed Congress to pass the Emergency Banking Act; this act authorized the government to inspect the financial health of all banks. His next steps included helping overburdened local relief agencies.

is there anything anyone can add to this
(especcially hoover's part)

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