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Posted by Alex on Friday, June 5, 2009 at 2:40am.

4.How many grams of calcium chloride can be prepared if a student uses 500g if calcium carbonate and 2.00L of a 4.00 Mol/L sodium chloride solution in the reaction.??

5. 2KMnoO4 + 5 H2C2O4<----need to use this

Concentration of 0.24L KMnO4 solution required to oxidize 2.7g of Oxalic Acid???

6.What volume of 0.100mol/L aqueous sodium hydroxide(NaOH) is neutralized by 500ml of 0.200mol/L hydrochloric acid(HCI) ??

7.When 10.0g of potassium chlorate,KCIO3,decomposes,what volume of oxygen is obtained(at 18C and 750 mm HG pressure) ??

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