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A batted baseball leaves the bat at an angle of 30.0 degrees about the horizontal and is caught by an outfilder 375 ft from home plate at the same height from which it left the bat. (a) what was the initial speed on the ball? (b) how high does the ball rise about the point where is struck the bat?

A) timeinair=375ft/Vi*.866=433/Vi
Vi*1/2=1/2 (33ft/sec^2)433/Vi
vi= sqrt (33*433) ft/sec
sqrt of 14289 ft/sec
Vi= 119.5366

The correct answer is 118 what did I do wrong

and how do I solve for B

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    If you use g=32.2 instead of 33, you should get the right answer.

    b. calculate time in air (as in a) with calculated Vi. Divide this by 2 gives the time when the ball reaches the highest point.

    S=Vi.sin30.t + g.t^2/2 (g is -32.2 f/s/s

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    Did you have time to look at the baseball problem?

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    The one above ??? I already solved it

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    So you are ready for the Tennis problem, or is it solved too?

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