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1. I was very worried because my mother was sick in bed.

2. I felt very sad because Korea lost the soccer game with Japan by 2:1.

3. I was very sad because Korea was defeted by Japan on the soccer match by 2:1.

3. The dog tore my homework.
4. The dog spoiled my homework.

5. I was very happy because I was on the plane and waved to others.

6. I was so glad because I could aboard the plane for the first ime in my life.

7. Look at the picture. The boy is waving on the laddle to the plane. It's me. It was my first trip by plane. So I was too happy.

8. My dog gave birth to four babies, so I was very pleased.

9. My dog bore four cute babies, so I was very satisfied.

(Would you check the sentences. Thank you. Have a good weekend!)

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    In #3, check spelling - defeated.

    #5 seems backwards. Try this:
    I was on the plane, and I waved to others because I was very happy.

    In #6, check spelling - time.

    In #7, I think you mean "stairs" rather than "laddle" (what is that?). And the last two sentences should be combined: It was my first trip by plane, and I was very happy.

    Everything else looks fine.

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