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How do you divid whole numbers by decimals?
EX: 20/0.5
-decimals in general?
Thank you!

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    You move the decimal point in the divisor to make it a whole number.

    Example: 0.5 is 5.

    Then you add one or more zeroes to the dividend. Move the decimal point over the same number of places that you did in the divisor.

    Example: 20 = 200.

    So -- 20 / 0.5 = 200 / 5 = 40

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    If it is not a recurring decimal, I would find out how many decimal places I need to move to the right on the denominator to make it an integer (whole number). Then I add the same number of zeroes on the numerator and divide by the integer.
    For example:
    for 20/0.5 we need to move one position to the right.
    = 200/5
    = 40

    275/3.14 (we need to move the decimal 2 position to the right)

    =87 182/314
    =87 91/157

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