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Write an equation in slope-intercept form of the line whose parametric equations are:
x = (1/2)t +2/3 and y = t - 3/4.

a) y = 2x - 7/12

b) y = 2x + 7/12

c) y = -2x - 7/12

d) y = -2x - 25/12

I think it is D.....?

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    my equation is
    y = 2x - 25/12

    I tested it using t=0, so a point on it would be (2/3, -3/4)

    none of the answers you give have that point on it, but my equation does.
    check your typing.

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    never mind, i was right

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    I would proceed to eliminate t from the two equations by subtracting 2 times equation 1 from the second.
    This gives me
    which does not correspond to any of the answers. So could you please check if the two equations have been entered correctly, or if the answers have been transcribed correctly.

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