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How many grams does 3.45 moles of FeCl3 weigh? I got 162.2 grams.

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    It is wrong. Please post your calculations and I will find your error.

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    Fe=55.85 Cl=35.45x3=639.2 total: 695.05.

    695 moles 1 gram 3.45 mole
    x x
    1 mole

    I actually got a different answer this time, because I did the work differently. Basically I don't know how to do this sort of problem, so I just need a basic rundown on how to do it. Thanks for your help.

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    OK, your totals for the atoms are 55.85+3*35.45=162.2 grams per mole.

    You have 3.45 moles, so you multiply the grams/mole by that. It is 559grams.
    Practice this here for a few minutes.

    Do it for FeCl2, and C6H12O6

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