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We are doing a debate on dress codes in my class. I am on the Affirmitave team (for dress codes) and I am the first speaker, so I say a short, planned speech. I heard from some people that I am supposed to have a "hook" or "grabber" at the beginning to be convincing. But others have told me that I should simply state my name and my group's side, then get more into the facts. Which is the correct way? Thank you so much! :)

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    well you could do a little of both by saying a catchy sentence and then stating more of the facts

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    Thanks... :-) I'm just not sure what the correct way is.

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    the correct way is doing a hook in order to captivate the audience attention.

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    Any presentation should, if possible, start with a grabber or hook.

    One thought -- that might not work out or meet your teacher's approval -- is to dress as outrageously as possible. Hopefully you'll get a laugh from your audience. Ask if this is how kids in your school should dress? That part shouldn't go on for more than a few seconds. Then, straighten your clothes, pull your shirt down, or cover it up, put on a wrap-around skirt, or whatever it takes to cover up and look decent.

    Continue with your speech.

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    Thanks for the suggestion, that is a great idea! The thing is, we have to "dress up" so we look professional, so I do not think that would work. Thank you, though!

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