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Posted by Anonymous on Monday, June 1, 2009 at 2:38pm.

Butadiene, C4H6, in the gas phase undergoes a reaction to produce C8H12. The following data were obtained for the reaction.
[C4H6] Time (min)
1 0
0.98 20
0.91 100
0.66 500
0.49 1000
0.32 2000
0.25 3000

Determine the order of the reaction.
Order with respect to [C4H6] = 2

Calculate the rate constant for the reaction.
k = .00102 M-1min-1

How long does it take for the initial concentration to decrease by one-half?
t1/2 = 980 min

How long does it take for half of the initial concentration to decrease by one-half?

Second t1/2 = _____ min

I do not understand how to get the second t1/2. Please help. Thanks.

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