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The question says write a reaction for the ionization of the following compound in water. Identify the acid, the base, the conjugate acid, and the conjugate base in each of them.

1. H2SO4
2. KOH
4. NH3
5. HNO3

My guesses are:
H2SO4 + H2O -> H3O+ + HSO4-
KOH + H2O -> K+ + OH- + H2O
CH3COOH + H2O -> CH3COO- + H3O+
NH3 + H2O -> NH2- + H3O+
HNO3 + H2O -> NO3- + H3O+

Before I guess the acids and bases, are any of these equation right? Can someone explain the rules for writing these equations?

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    I don't see anything wrong with what you've done except the fourth one.
    I would write
    NH3 + HOH ==> NH4^+ + OH^- since NH3 is a stronger base than H2O.
    Some would write the KOH as
    KOH + H2O ==> K^+(aq) + OH^-(aq)
    You need not guess at the acids and bases. For example, the first one.
    H2SO4 + H2O ==> H3O^+ + HSO4^-
    Now. Acids are proton donors. Which donated the proton?. Obviously the H2SO4 (since it is missing one on the right hand side). The base must be H2O for it accepted the proton (and it has an extra proton on the right side).

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