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Chemistry 101

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Aluminum reacts with sulfur gas to form aluminum sulfide. Initially 1.18 ml of aluminum and 2.25mol of sulfur are combined.
1. write a balanced equation?
2. what is the limiting reaction?
3. what is the theoretical yield of aluminum sulfide in moles?
How many moles of excess reactant remain unreacted?

I will take any help I can on this one please?

  • Chemistry 101 -

    ml of aluminum? Hmmmm. So get the denstiy of aluminum, and convert the ml to mg. This is odd, check your problem.
    Now convert the mass of Al to moles.

    2Al+ 3S>>>Al2S3

    Notice for each mole of S, you need 2/3 mole of Al. If you do not have that much of Al, then Al is the limiting reageant.

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